A New Era for Painted Elephant Art

A New Era for Painted Elephant Art


Painted Elephant Art started as a small Etsy business in 2014, selling eco-friendly coin purses made from recycled plastic. In April of 2016, Painted Elephant Art was featured in Woman's Day Magazine. As the single maker for the business and as a college student at the time, things became hard to juggle, which meant Painted Elephant Art would be closed until I had less on my plate to manage. I spent several years shifting my focus away from my artwork and onto my education in environmental science and my career as a teacher. During this time I have found overwhelming inspiration to create new art through traveling and experiencing nature and culture in different parts of the world. Things have now settled down and I have been able to find the balance needed in my life to put my energy toward my art and business again. I have honed my skills to create the highest quality and most sustainable art possible. I am very excited to launch my new collections of nature-inspired, handmade items and paintings.

I have always had a love for nature, so all of my artwork is inspired by the natural world. Each piece that you will find in my shop has a deep meaning to me and a message about the environmental inspiration behind it. My pieces are all made with sustainable materials and handled in a sustainable manner from creation to shipment. I hope that my pieces can inspire consumers to love nature as I do and to purchase products that help to preserve it.

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