Meet the Maker

My name is Rachel. I am a passionate environmentalist and artist. I am always looking for ways to combine my love for nature with my love for making things. Each piece of art is made with an environmental message and a purpose for preserving the piece of nature which its creation was inspired by. I practice sustainable methods to run my business such as using recycled materials and finding shipping options with the lowest carbon footprint. My mission is to make the world a cleaner, more regenerative place to live for all species. One of the ways I am hoping to do this is by offering products that people can feel good about purchasing. I stay well-educated on sustainable business practices and integrate them every step of the way. My products showcase the natural beauty of the Earth while helping keep the planet clean and healthy through the use of low carbon footprint materials and practices. 

I have created all of my designs by hand in St. Louis, Missouri. I use traditional artisanal techniques and originality is extremely important to me. Some of the work that you will find from me will include stained glass jewelry, acrylic wall art prints, applique animal wallets, and other accessories. Through my artwork, I hope to inspire a love for the natural world and a little bit better understanding of what humans can do to preserve it. 

The health and beauty of our environment are dependent on how we do business, and Painted Elephant Art ensures you are making a responsible choice. So whether you are purchasing a gift for a loved one or a functional accessory that you can use every day, you are guaranteed to receive a quality product with a low environmental impact when you purchase from Painted Elephant Art.