The Painted Elephant Art Difference

Painted Elephant Art is committed to transparency about how its products are made and the process of getting them to you. As a store offering handmade items, you can already be sure that your money is not being used to support the mass production of low-quality items that will soon end up in a landfill. Supporting small businesses is healthy for the economy and ensures fair opportunities for artisans and business owners around the world. 

All too often, unknowing consumers are buying products that have been produced using harmful practices like polluting water to make dyes and clothing, and excreting harmful gases into the atmosphere which increases air pollution and traps heat inside the atmosphere. Once these products have been made they are then shipped from very far distances just to end up in the buyer's hands. All of the transportation fuel and resources are taxing on the environment and the workers who are likely underpaid, ensuring you receive what you purchased. 

The materials used to make the products in Painted Elephant Art are not only constructed of sustainable materials like recycled plastic and upcycled glass, but they are always used in the most resourceful manner possible, so they produce the least waste possible. Any raw materials purchased for my store are produced as locally and ethically as possible. 

By purchasing from Painted Elephant Art you are making a difference in how the world purchases products. So instead of browsing conventional outlets for your next gift for a loved one, give them the ultimate gift of protecting their environment and giving them a piece of art they can cherish for many years to come.